Tansley Primary School

Learn, Lead, Achieve, Together We Succeed

Visions and Values

Our visions and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching  and learning and help us to provide an environment which prepares our pupils to become confident, happy citizens.

At Tansley Primary School our vision is:


‘to provide a well-balanced and excellent standard of education in which all our children can reach their full potential, achieve success and develop personal responsibility in the happy, caring, positive learning environment of our village school’.


Our Vision Statement condenses our aspirations into a few words. You will see it displayed around the school, reflected in the contents of this document, and put into practice in the school's work.

Vision statement:

Together we will inspire a love of learning and help all children to achieve their personal goals, now and in the future.



Challenge and resilience  Our children are driven to fulfil their personal potential and have the confidence to achieve their goals and the ability and determination to learn from mistakes and overcome setbacks.

Co-operation We enjoy working together in groups, teams and as a whole school to achieve greater results.

Celebration We like our learning to be fun and value the strong friendships we form at school.  

Care We always try to support the needs of others in our class, our school and our community.  

Creativity and curiosity We encourage independent thinking and problem solving across the whole curriculum.

Consideration We believe in a clear moral framework and conduct ourselves with honesty, politeness and respect for others.

Community We believe that building strong links with our community is vital to the success of our school. We understand that our collaborative work with the wider school community helps to provide every child with the opportunity to succeed. Through these links, organise visits and visitors to the school to further the children’s learning experiences.

Learn, Lead, Achieve Together We Succeed

We adopt a creative approach to the planning and delivery of the curriculum, ensuring that all our children receive their entitlement of a broad and balanced education. We endeavour to create an open and friendly environment where individual children’s needs are met. This will enable them to flourish in our School and achieve their full potential.


This will be achieved by providing:

  • a safe, secure and happy learning environment where each child is valued and inspired to achieve all that they can
  • a dedicated, innovative and aspirational staff team who are committed to delivering excellent learning
  • an engaging, creative, broad based curriculum which is personalised to meet the needs of the whole child
  • a community of high challenge and high support.
  • teaching which both promotes teamwork and independence, challenge and support


We aim to:

  • develop independence and responsibility in the individual
  • nurture social and emotional security
  • promote positive relationships with all members of our school and the local community
  • develop the use of new technologies that stimulate and extend the boundaries of learning
  • promote enjoyment and exciting experiences in all areas of school life and beyond the classroom
  • give every child the best educational start in life that we can
  • actively seek to develop our professional skills and take on new challenges.