Tansley Primary School

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At Tansley we want all our children to enjoy physical education.  Our vision is to provide engaging opportunities for children to experience high quality Physical Education and school sport through personal challenge and competition that will lead to life-long participation. Our PE curriculum has been developed so that children remember their PE lessons and build memories, embrace opportunities and new skills.



PE curriculum plays a vital role in promoting physical activities, a healthy lifestyle and promotes positive mental health in an active and enjoyable way for all pupils. Our curriculum aims to develop and challenge pupils’ abilities in a range of physical activities and sports – helping them to develop their personal fitness, understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and learn important life skills such as co-operation through teamwork and develop resilience and honesty.



The PE curriculum has been developed so that learning opportunities and assessments for each class ensure progression and repletion in terms of embedding key skills, learning and knowledge.  We focus on teaching six main strands of physical education; dance, gymnastics, invasion games, striking and fielding, net and wall games and athletics.  These six areas are revisited year on year so that pupils can progressively build their skills and sticky knowledge.

In addition to this we provide swimming teaching to all pupils from year 2 to 6 each year.


Physical Education takes place weekly in each class throughout the school.  The Reception children follow the EYFS curriculum.  In Key Stage One, children will work on developing their fundamental movement skills such as running, skipping, throwing and catching.  As the children move on into Key Stage Two, these skills are continued and developed, but they become more sport specific.  For example, the child will develop their skills in throwing and catching to take part in a game of cricket. 


The children are also encouraged to take part in sporting clubs that are run at both lunchtimes and after school.



Staff use assessment information to inform their short term planning.  This helps us to provide the best possible support for all our pupils, including the more able.  Assessment information is collected frequently and all of this information is gathered and reviewed.  It is used to inform further curriculum developments and provision is adapted accordingly.