Tansley Primary School

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Children are taught spellings in an interactive way through a variety of activities.  They begin with learning to spell the ‘non-negotiable’ first spelling list alongside their phonics in reception and KS1.  In KS2 children are taught spelling rules according to the programme devised by Twinkl and they receive a comprehensive spelling list for each term, at the begging of the term. Weekly spelling tests are carried out at KS2 on a Friday, where children have the chance to show what they’ve learnt during the week from developing their spellings at home and in the classroom.


The spellings and rules being taught are displayed clearly in the classrooms and are referred to by adults and children at the point of writing and during shared writing sessions. Feedback given by adults will included spellings and these will be corrected by the child using the resources in the classroom. 



Grammar is taught in KS1 and KS2 during the teaching sequences for the different genres of writing.  Once an aspect of grammar is taught it is then modelled through shared writing before being included in the success criteria or writing toolkit for use in independent writing.  Any discrete teaching of grammar must be used in context through writing. 

How you help your child with spellings