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Times Tables

Times Tables are at the heart of mental arithmetic, which in itself helps form the basis of a child’s understanding and ability when working with number. Once the children have learnt the times tables and related divisions by heart, they are able to work far more confidently – and efficiently – through a wide range of more advanced calculations.


At Tansley Primary School, we believe that through a variety of interactive, visual, engaging and rote learning techniques, most children can achieve the full times tables knowledge required by the end of Year 4.  


It is therefore important that we approach the teaching and testing of times tables in a similar and progressive format from Year 2 to Year 6.


According to the National Curriculum 2014 the expectation of times tables in each Year Group is as follows:


Year 2: 2x, 5x, 10x


Year 3: 3x, 4x, 8x


Year 4: 6x, 7x, 9x, 11x, 12x


Year 5: All x and ÷ facts (12x12)


Year 6: All x and ÷ facts (12x12) and related language/symbols e.g. % and square root


We have decided to follow a Times Table Reward System to building up the times tables in a methodical and progressive format, ensuring that facts are retained and revised. This can be supported by the use of the numeracy passports at home.


These times table facts will be assessed through weekly tests, taken in a set time period of 5 minutes. Initially the tests contain 40 questions, extending to 60 questions closer to the end of the scheme. Certificates are awarded when children complete each step.


Children keep a folder with their Times Tables Chart, weekly times table tests and any associated times table board work so that they can track their progress and know what they are working on. Children’s progress through the times table is shared with parents parent consultations and work in numeracy passport.


When a child has completed their journey, they then move onto number facts for their Key Stage e.g dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 or equivalent fractions, decimal and percentages.


Tansley’s Times Tables Tests


The complete set of weekly times tables is given below. If you would like to practise these at home, open the file, press F9 to generate a new test and then print. In this way you can generate an unlimited number of different tests for each area of learning.


Please note - these tests are designed to test times tables knowledge, rather than to teach it. There are many ways in which children can learn times tables - for example, playing games, quick-fire questions from an adult, chanting tables, writing the tables out and using songs, websites or apps. This learning needs to take place before the knowledge gained can be assessed in a test.


The tests are given in the following order. Remember to press F9 once the file is open to generate a new test, and then print the page. The tests are not designed to be filled in electronically on your computer - they are to be printed out and filled in with a pencil.


You may also decide that you would like to use the following website to test your speed and knowledge.

Here are some great games to help you learn your times tables.