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Throughout the year in Oaks we do lots of baking and food preparation. From baking cupcakes, buns and bread to making fruit smoothies, fun salads and cheese straws! Keep checking this baking page to see what fun things we will make this year in Oaks!
The children made some delicious dinosaur eggs to eat! They mixed golden syrup, melted green and blue chocolate and rice crispies together in a bowl. They then used their hands to roll them into egg shapes before waiting for them to set. They tasted so delicious, no wonder compsognathus dinosaurs used to steal other dinosaur eggs to eat!

This term the children have been learning about 'The Great Fire of London'. They learned that the fire started in a bakery on Pudding Lane. So this week the children made some bread. They were so talented the bread rolls were made into some fantastic shapes!


Here are a few of the Year 1 baked breads...

This week in Literacy we have been reading 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' by Judith Kerr.The children have been thinking about who they would like to invite for a dinner party at their house. Year 1's have written all about what things they would have at their perfect party, such as friends, balloons, games, bouncy castles and lots of yummy food. All the children agreed they would need cakes! So today we baked some delicious chocolate chip cupcakes!