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Show and Tell

Week 10 - Lucy and Rowan


Lucy brought in a skull she had found in a field. She cleaned it up with some help from her family and they decided it was probably a sheeps skull. The children were all fascinated by it. Lucy showed us where the eyes would have been.


Rowan brought in lots of fossils and special rocks. Rowan had researched all the correct names for each fossil and rock. Some were very beautiful. I loved the inside of an amonite fossil.

Week 9 - Kenzie

Kenzie told us all about how he made his amazing clay tiger. He explained how he had made it and baked it in the kiln, then when it was cool enough he could paint it and glaze it before it was baked again in the kiln. The children had LOTS of questions for him about how Kenzie made his tiger.


He also showed us his football trophy and his toy cats. Kenzie loves cats and says he has lots more at home.

Week 8 - Jacob, Kiiyla and Lilly-May

Lilly-May brought in her big, fluffy and multi-colourful parrot, it was a puppet and when you squeezed it, it squeaked! Lilly-May also talked about her old ornaments from home that she has in her bedroom, they were very small and delicate.

Jacob brought in a large star wars rocket launcher set. He had so many rockets as well, all were different sizes and colours. The children enjoyed asking him lots of questions about the rockets. He enjoyed showing them to us all and how he imagines blasting them off into space!

Kiiyla talked about her favourite toy castle she enjoys playing with, especially with Lana! She explained to us that it had four large towers on it.

Week 7 - Cody, Darcy and Charlie

Cody brought in a real crocodiles head!!! We were all very excited to feel the scaly skin and Cody wanted to show us how sharp its teeth were, the crocodiles mouth was wide open so we were able to see how pointy the teeth were.

Charlie brought in his favourite tractors from home, some he had got for his birthday. Charlie said he enjoyed playing with the green one the best!

Darcy brought in lots of medals. She even brought in her sports day medal she had won this year! One of the trophies was her Dad's from a car racing competition, she was extremely proud of him.

Week 6


Hettie talked about her visit to the seaside. She brought in lots of shells she had collected and had a special sheet of paper that named each of the shells. They were very beautiful. Hettie had also made a gorgeous beach collage, using real sand!



James talked about his drawings of sea creatures and penguins. His favourite was the sting ray, he particularly liked its googly eyes.



Alfie shared with the class his lovely tractor pencil sharpener he got from Chatsworth. Alfie had some photos and writing about his chickens he has at home. He could name them all and tell us what breed they were. The children enjoyed asking Alfie lots of questions about his chickens.

Week 5 - Brooke and Harrison


Brooke talked about her beautiful fairy tale lego she had received for her birthday. She talked about how she followed the instructions to build it. She also had some photos to show us of her birthday cake. 


Harrison shared his book about trams and talked in detail about how the trams go forwards and backwards. He showed us a model tram that his Papa found in his loft. Harrison also had a photo of his birthday cake which was the shape of a tram!

Week 4 - Charlotte and Jack


Charlotte shared some photos of an amonite, as well as photos taken of herself on holiday at the beach. She talked about how she and her family hunted for some real amonite fossils and found some in the rocks (which her cousin tried to crack out!) and then showed some real amonites in smaller stones she had found.


Jack talked about his Grandad. He shared a photo taken on holiday in Cornwall when Jack was a baby with his Grandad. Jack shared a trophy his Grandad won, he felt very proud of his Grandad. He also shared a wonderful tool belonging to his Grandad, which was a compass, a mirror and magnifying glasses all in one! 

Week 3 - Polly and Ben


Polly brought in a drawing of a goose that lives near her house (near her lake), she had lots of beautiful colours in her picture and wrote a sentence about their habitat.


Ben made key rings out of clay and play dough. He said he had to stretch and squish the play dough and wait for it to dry so it could be a key ring. He made a carrot, butterfly, angry bird and yoda.


Week 2

Leo and Sam spent some time sharing their show and tells.

Sam talked about his amazing dinosaur fossils and shared some fantastic facts about lots of different kinds of dinosaurs. He could answer all the other children's questions well!

Leo shared his shark teeth that he got from his visit to the Sealife Centre. Leo told us about the wonderful sea creatures he saw. Leo especially liked the huge octopus!

Week 1

Evlynn and George shared their exciting show and tell.

Evlynn talked about her beautiful fan her Nan and GaGa brought back from holiday. She talked about the blossom and pretty colours on the fan, Evlynn explained the fan was glittery too!

George talked about how his Grandad was a fireman and showed us some black and white photos of his Grandad in his uniform. Also some pictures of his Mum when she was a child, dressing up in her Dad's fireman hat and visiting the fire station. He also shared his lovely wooden fire engine toy.

Well done George and Evlynn for going first! What a great start to our new 'show and tell' sessions!