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Reading Vipers


The Reading Viper pages below are there to support parents and pupils in asking comprehension questions about the texts that the child is reading.  There are generic and therefore can usually be applied to most texts.


These types of questions support and enhance children's understanding of what they have read, not just the reading of words, with the use of phonics, spelling rules and sight vocabulary (decoding).  As children progress with their reading throughout primary school,  the assessment of reading is weighted more towards their understanding what they have read rather than decoding skills.  Therefore these skills are vital to your child's progression within reading and require practise.

To support children in answering the questions...


Ask children to PEE:   

  • P = Point  (point the location of the text where the answer/ evidence is situated using scanning and                          skimming techniques).


  • E = Evidence  (select the correct piece of text which gives the answer/ part that demonstrates the                                    answer this is lifted from the text).


  • E = Explain    (use the evidence to explain ther answer or explain your thoughts or ideas).