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PSHCE in action at Tansley

This page is here to show you what PSHCE looks like at Tansley Primary school. A huge amount of personal, social and emotional education is embedded within the curriculum and throughout the school day, at playtimes, lunchtimes and within lessons.

Say NO to bullying!


The whole school took part in anti-bullying day. All children took part in various activities throughout the day.


In Oaks class the children read the story 'No More Teasing' by Emma Chichester Clark. The children drew around a child and cut it out. In the inner area they wrote down all the things they thought Mimi may have felt, and on the outside how Momo felt. They discussed tricky emotions and nice feelings/emotions, and how we cope with all these different emotions we feel.


The children talked about being kind and how we show 'kind hands'. They took on the task of being kind every day that week at home and at school, filling in a finger a day on a large cut out picture of a hand print.


We also talked about how everyone is different and special in their own way. The children wrote about what made them unique and special!





Oaks class take part in weekly PSHCE sessions, which are largely based around circle time games and activities. They have a class tree which 'grows' various things throughout the year. The tree opens up a thought for the week/term, for example being kind, sharing, taking turns, good choices and discussions about good and bad feelings.

Click on the link below to see some of the things that have grown on Oaks class tree so far this year.


Elm Class


The children in Elm Class talked about the things that are special about them and shared their 'uniqueness' with each other. They discussed meeting new children in the playground and discussed how, initially differences may be identified, but them lots of similarities can be found. The children role played how to make friends and learnt new games which could help include children on the playground. They also made 'Say No to Bullying' wristbands to wear to show their commitment to being kind to each other.  

Sycamore Class


The children in Sycamore class discussed 'Bullying' and gained a good understanding of what is and what isn't bullying. They had a good understanding of the ways in which people can be bullied. The children looked at a scenario of bullying and considered seven different actions that they might take. They discussed actions to ensure that the school is a happy and secure place using the School Council, posters, Buddy Stop and Playground Buddies to help. 


Whole School 


In our end of day assembly the children shared all they ways that they had considered 'Anti Bullying' during the day. We ended the day with a 'Thunderclap' to say no to bullying at all times.