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Grandparent Day!

Today Oaks class invited their Grandparents into our classroom!



We began the session by asking some questions about their Grandparent's childhood. Then the children took their Grandparents around their classroom and carried out a variety of activities, from sharing a book, decorating a cookie, planting some flowers, making a family tree, maths activities, painting and exploring our outdoor classroom!


The session ended with some parachute games on the field followed by an assembly. The children presented their Grandparents with a photo frame they had made in art lessons, they recited a beautiful poem and I ended with reading a lovely story called 'How to Babysit a Grandad' by Jean Reagan.


The children's Grandparents were also able to look at their Grandchildren's books too.


We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon and we hope our Grandparents did too! 

Our Grandparent Poem

We made some beautiful photo frames
The children made them to give as gifts
The children presented them in assembly
Archie doing some maths
Printing flowers using potatoes
Hoola hoops and skipping
Making a family tree
Sharing a book
Hettie showed her Grandma how she skips
Enjoying 'Aliens Love Underpants'
Rowan and Xanthe read a book to their Grandma
Riding on the bikes and scooters
Planting some wild flower seeds
Making shapes on the rubber band boards
Decorating some cookies
We watered the plants
More hoola hoop-ing!
The children built a water way using gutters
Planting wild flower seeds
Planting seeds
Making a family tree
Sharing a book
Sharing a book outside
We played some parachute games
Fruit salad
We enjoyed the parachute games
The children ran underneath
Grandparents had a go too!
We shared some thoughts about our Grandparents
Mrs Smith read the book 'How to Babysit a Grandad'
This is Harley's Grandma