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Outdoor Learning

Our outdoor learning experiences offers a unique way of using the existing school grounds to create an atmosphere where children can develop independence and self-esteem. By exploring and experiencing for themselves the natural world around them, reclaiming that sense of wonder on discovering why, how, when, and where.


Benefits of Outdoor Learning 

Research supports the fact that children and young people are stimulated by the outdoors and typically experience, over time, an increase in their self belief, confidence, learning capacity, enthusiasm , problem-solving skills and emotional well-being.

Children learn to live a healthy lifestyle. They are physically active and learn to care for themselves/others/the environment. Emotionally they gain strength as their confidence blossoms. Children are more likely to use green/woodland spaces as adults if they have had a positive experience in childhood.


Children learn to take and assess risks, leading them to make informed decisions.  Much of the learning comes from hands on testing and direct experience. They develop team working skills and develop independence. They develop socially and improve their communication and language skills.  There are many styles of learning and it is important to appeal to as many as we can in order to offer a rounded education for our children. 


Aims of Outdoor Learning


  • To provide a safe environment in which children can take risks
  •  To make choices and initiate their own learning.
  • To help children appreciate, comprehend and show stewardship for the natural environment.
  • To develop self-esteem, tenacity and a positive outlook to learning through the completion of achievable tasks
  • To meet the needs of children with all learning styles
  • To develop social and group working skills
  • To enable children to be independent, self-motivated and considerate
  • To cultivate a secure, happy and welcoming environment
  • To provide stimulating and varied learning activities appropriate to the child’s needs and phase of development.
  • To help each child foster self-esteem, confidence, independence, self-control and interpersonal skills
  • To provide an opportunity for individuals to develop, to learn and to have fun with deep meaningful play.


Welly Wednesday


We deliver our outdoor learning program through Welly Wednesday. Children in Oaks and Elms spend alternate Wednesday mornings exploring and learning in our school's outdoor area. We have an outdoor classroom which is used as a 'base camp' so children can listen to their objectives in a familiar manner. We encourage children to take risks, work together to solve problems and apply their knowledge to a new and challenging environment. Well Wednesday aims to build upon children's resilience and self esteem.


Follow the link to see our Welly Wednesday page: 

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