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Welcome to Elms Class!

We are a friendly class of Year 2 and 3 children.

We are kind, polite, imaginative and creative.

Above all, we like to have fun with our learning! Have a look below to find out more about our class and see what we have been up to.





Homework Learning Log Activities

Learning the spoons!

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Shared Writing - we can edit and improve our writing using expanded noun phrases

Dinosaur Sculptures


Class Timetable

Curriculum Letters

Autumn 1: The Place Where We Live

Autumn 2: Fighting Fit

Spring 1 Explorers

Get Off Our Train - whole school writing week

Science linked to our work on explorers

Investigating moving vehicles for an explorer

Our finished explorers' vehicles


14.11.16 This week in our Mathematics lessons we are thinking about angles. Why don't you make your own angle eater to use at home? Download the instructions or templates below.

How to make an angle eater instructions

Angle eater ready made templates

Elms Class Spelling Lists Autumn 1 - Year 2 and 3

Autumn 2 - Year 2 and 3

Year 4 Mrs Evers' Spellings

Spring 1 - Year 2 and 3

Spring 2 - Year 2 and 3

Summer 1


Take a look at the suggested activities for your year group. Choose something which you would like to do. But remember, you need to score at least 15 points. We look forward to seeing your projects on the homework sharing day!

Spring 1

Look at some of the amazing work that we did last academic year 2015/16

Escher's 'Eye with Skull' observational drwaings

The Snowman Experience

Retelling the story
Making salt dough snowmen
Changing music to story
Using symmetry to make a snowy woodland
Designing our own snowmen characters
Waiting for The Snowman performance
The film begins
The orchestra were amazing
Listening to live music
Hearing the different instruments
Listening to the performance
Talented musicians

Forest Schools

We have had a lot of fun with Forest Schools and have learnt a lot of new skills. 

Electrical dances!

Elms Class have been using our electricity topic to create their own dances. They thought about how electricity and the components of a circuit might move, putting together sequences of actions and gestures. They have been working hard to move in time to the music.

The dance off - boys v girls! Who would you vote for?

The Boys

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The girls

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Exploring electrical circuits

During their first Science session, Elms were encouraged to explore the electrical equipment. At first they were very cautious and unsure about what to do. But once they got going and used their problem solving skills, there was no stopping them! See what the children had to say for themselves:-

"We did it!" (Jorge Wright)
"Oh yeah, we did it!" (Harriet Key-Smith)
"This is cool!" (Tommy Smith)
"Can we stay in at lunch time to carry on?" (DA)

Story Telling

Elms Class worked in pairs to create oral stories. Each pair was given three mysterious objects, people or places. They had to link their three cards together in an imaginative way. Some were easier than others!

The sky is falling down!
The world is falling apart...
...super glue from space will fix it!
The magic wand will open the treasure
What does the key open?

2014 / 2015 School Year

We have been working very hard on our Anglo Saxon homework projects. We all chose different things that we were interested in finding out about. Some of us chose to do Powerpoints and videos. Here are some to share. 

Allotment Challenge!

Mrs Baker's sunflower so far!
Mrs Baker's sunflower so far!
Mrs Baker's sunflower so far!

Summer Term Homework Project

Spring term curriculum letter

Roman Research

Exploring rhythm and ostinatos in music

Autumn term curriculum letter

Stretching out in gymnastics
Reaching high
Bamboo Tamboo lessons
Making cakes

Bamboo Tamboo Concert

Getting messy while making rocks in Science

Divali - some of the pictures we took ourselves

Designing diva lamps
Designing Rangoli patterns
Making diva lamps
Making diva lamps
Creating Divali cards
Chalk Rangoli patterns on the playground

Don't forget to explore the rest of our school website to find other fun games and things to do at home!

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