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Through out the summer term oaks class are doing lots of gardening. From preparing the beds ready to plant the vegetables, to weeding and watering the plants as they grow. The children have planted leeks in the first vegetable patch and we will be planting runner beans in the other vegetable patch, ready to harvest them in September/October time.


The children have also planted sunflowers and cress to grow and take home, and we are also going to plant some wild flowers in our outdoor area.


It is going to be a very busy summer term full of hands on, exciting and practical learning!

Growing a bulb

We cut up an old lemonade bottle and turned the top half upside down. Then we put water in the bottom and the bulb in the funnel of the bottle. Next we put our bulb in the sunlight. It has grown so now we can see the roots and shoot.


On Wednesday next week we are going to plant our bulb outside and we hope it will grow a flower soon!


I wonder what colour flower it will be?

Growing Cress Heads

Planting our cress heads
Day 1 - We put our cress heads in the light
We must remember to water them
Day 2 - starting to grow!
Our cress on day 3 - water but no light
Day 3 water but no light
Day 3 water and light
End of day 4 our cress hair is growing!
End of day 4 our cress hair is growing!
Day 4 water, no light
Day 4 water, light

Planting our sunflower seeds

Planting our leeks