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On his best behaviour

Catching up on his 4 reads
Picture 1 Reading to Hugo
Picture 2 Cookie found his favourite book - The Red Coat
Picture 3 A present for Elms - the magic gloves!
Picture 4 The magic carpet snowflake
Picture 5 A message for Elms

Homework sharing day

Homework sharing day 1 Getting in the spirit - dressed as a pirate
Homework sharing day 2 Well done Cookie!
Homework sharing day 3 Ooh, I wonder which activities he chose?
Homework sharing day 4 Wow!
Homework sharing day 5 And some Maths too!
Homework sharing day 6 That's a lot of points Cookie, well done

Bringing gifts

Bringing gifts 1 I wonder what it could be?
Bringing gifts 2 Oh dear! Cookie needs a lesson in gift wrapping!
Bringing gifts 3
Bringing gifts 4
Bringing gifts 5 We love our magic pencils!
Bringing gifts 6 They made us magic writers.
Bringing gifts 7

Unsuccessful gifts

Unsuccessful gifts 1 That's very sweet of you Cookie.
Unsuccessful gifts 2 Was it the best choice of gift though?
Unsuccessful gifts 3 Oops! I think Cookie needs a Science lesson!

Having fun

Having fun 1
Having fun 2
Having fun 3
Having fun 4
Having fun 5

Christmas Jumper Day

Christmas Jumper Day 1
Christmas Jumper Day 2