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Sycamore's are trialing SPELLING SHED for the whole school to start at the beginning of September.  We are new to this and just finding our feet, so it may take a couple of weeks to get going and iron out any difficulties.


Your child's login and password will/can be located in their spelling diaries. They should be able to see their own spelling group.  These are already known to the children. It has been programmed to play two spelling Bee games, after which other games connected to that week's spelling will become available. The spelling run on auto update from Monday to Friday, after which they change to the next week's spellings.  Futher details to follow.


During the interim, I will select 10 random words from the Statutory Spelling lists which are appropriate for where the child is working, as these should be being focused on in conjunction with weekly spellings. and have been available, and practised in class since the start of the year.



Purple Group

Blue Group

Green Group

Yellow Group

Orange Group

Red Group