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Crich Tramway Museum

Oaks class had a fabulous day at Crich Tramway Museum. We rode on the trams and learned all about the history of the trams, from trams pulled by horses to steam and then electrical trams. We were taught about the safety feature under the front of trams, where a bar went up and a big 'scoop' underneath scooped up any child/person who may have fallen underneath without injuring them!!

We went on a lovely woodland walk and discovered lots of beautiful sculptures. The children ate their lunch in the big woodland field area followed by having a lovely play in the park. Mrs Smith then read a story called 'Winston the Woodlouse' and the children used masks to help tell the story.

Finally we all went to eat a delicious ice-cream before riding on our last tram ride before heading home. I had a yummy strawberry ice-cream, the children enjoyed mint choc chip, cherry marshmallow, honeycomb and vanilla flavours! Delicious!!

I am looking forward to finding out next week which part of the day the children enjoyed the most, enjoy looking through the photos below.

Setting off on our adventure!
Loving the bus journey!
Finding out about the history of trams
Ask your child to explain the safety feature?!
Meet the conductor!
Sam was our driver today!
Our first tramride was on an opentop double decker
Selfie with Harriett and Sam on the tram
The start of the woodland walk
We found lots of sculptures in the woods
A run around after lunch
We played games while the children finished eating
At the park
Sharing Winston the Woodlouse story
The children all had minibeast masks
We tried out some 'fly' glasses!
Watching the trams go under the bridge
Oaks class!
Our last tram ride of the day