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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Head Teacher


Miss Tracey Holmes - Head Teacher


Teaching Staff 2018 -19


Mrs Rebecca Evers / Mrs Nicola Bunker - Reception / Year 1 Teacher (Oaks Class)

Mrs Jackie Baker - Year  2 / Year 3  Teachers (Elms Class)

Mrs Deborah Williams / Mrs Jayne Brookes-Clayton  - Year 4 / Year 5 / Year 6 Teacher (Sycamores Class)

Mrs Lorraine Brock - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Helen Pearson - Teaching Assistant


Mrs Kath Goodwin - Teaching Assistant


Mrs Verna Hallows - Teaching Assistant


Non-Teaching Staff


Mrs Julie Wilson - Senior Clerk

Mrs Verna Hallows - Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs Kath Goodwin - Mid-day Supervisor


Mrs Donna Concannon - Mid-day Supervisor


Mrs Kay Exton - Cook


Mrs Lesley Kimpton -  Caretaker




Mrs Angela Colmar - LA Governor (Chair)


Dr Jean Peters - Co-opted Governor (Vice Chair)


Mr Elliott Richards - Co-opted Governor


Vacancy  - Parent Governor


Mr Richard Lewin - Parent Governor


Ms Megan Jennings-Hough - Parent Governor


Mr David Hill - Associate Governor 


Mr John Rigarlsford - Co-opted Governor

Mrs Christine Middleton - Co-opted Governor


Mrs Helen Pearson - Staff Governor

Miss Tracey Holmes - Head Teacher

Vacancy - Clerk to Governors