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Guide for parents to use 2email on Purple Mash and Maths information

Dear Parents/Carers,

Here is a guide to use 2email on Purple Mash, where you can attach any videos, photos or documents that you might have of your child's work. If you have any questions please let us know. 

Once more there is a change of plan in Maths for Y2 and Y4 this week. Some of the content has already been covered, but some hasn't, so there is a bit of a mix for both this week.  Everything is in the resources file for your year groups. Year 3 you have no changes to the WRM website this week.  At the time of uploading a website we used was under development, so the Mystery Maths packs will be uploaded early in the week. 

We hope everyone is well.

Mrs Evers and Mrs Holloway