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Good morning, Elms.

We all hope that you are well and keeping safe. Here are the activities for this week. As you might notice we are missing out Chapter 5 of The Settlers. Chapter 5 was a little bit scary and it didn't change the story, so I've decided to leave it out.

Some of the Literacy tasks, Maths and Science can be completed on Purple Mash if you would like to using the 2write program and there will be some that can be completed on Purple Mash under the 2Do section. 


You will also notice the Maths has changed.  White Rose Maths will allow the video to be watched for free but the worksheets will no longer be freely available, (although at the time of writing this, it looks as if this may now be from the 11th). In any case, school has now subscribed to enable you to still access these worksheets.  As we are unsure how you will access these at the current time, I have downloaded the worksheets for each year group along with he answer sheets in the resources section.


Missing you all,

Stay safe,

Mrs Evers and Mrs Holloway


Here are some links which your parents or carers might want to look at:



https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/  Free at during school closure. Good for year 2 who should be able to play all phases and games.

https://www.teachyourmonstertoread.com/  Good for reading and phonic support.  Free use on computers.