Tansley Primary School

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Spring Week 4

Thurs 03/02/22


Please read for 15 mins and do TTRS for 15mins too.


The worksheet is the same for all today as we are moving onto fractions.



Please select the SPAG carefully for English.  You each have a PowerPoint, and two tasks for your year group.  You need to do the sheet that has the best level for you.  D is the easiest, E is the middle level (expected for your age) and GD is the hardest (greater depth).  Choose the same level from both the worksheets.  Extention: write some sentences showing your understanding.



Looking at the South American Artist Joaquin Torres Garcia, who came from Uruguay. Follow the PowerPoint and do the tasks.  You can make your own 4 symbols on paper or by computer.


P.E: (it would have been swimming but I can't upload a pool laugh, so instead there are 3 P.E choices for you to do.  


Have Fun and work as hard as you can.


Friday 04/02/22


Please read for 15mins  and do 15 mins on TTRS



We are recapping what a Fraction is today.  Both Y4/5 have the same worksheet.  Please complete.



Choose a National park from North/south America. Below are two National Parks to gather information from their PowerPoints. Research using books/internet to make notes about your chosen park using the sheet in the resources.  Next week we shall write our own information brochure about it.


Science/ Geography (double lesson):

Watch the link to Oak academy about Volcanoes.

Complete the activities that the teacher asks you to do. Make sure you write the date and title on paper as you would at school. Draw and label your cross-sections carefully - these will be stuck in your book when we return to school.  Can you find out about  another volcano from the Americas.  Draw it and write a fact file including: Its name, height, which continent and country its in, is it dormant/active, the type of volcano and anything else about it.