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School Council

Tansley Primary School Council 

The aim of our school council is to promote citizenship and to give the children a voice within our school.


Our School Council meets once a week.  Children from Y1 upwards represent their own class on the School Council. The children are elected to the School Council by their peers. They take whole school issues and ideas from their own class councils and feed them into the School Council. They also share ideas and decisions from School Council with their class. Decisions made within School Council can, and do, have a real impact on the rest of the school. Mrs Evers supports the children to run the school council meetings.


Our School Council  has a School Leader, Play Time and Health, Restorative, Learning, Eco and Charity Leaders.  The Play Time and Health Leaders will take part in health and safety walks around the school and will encourage positive play times. The Restorative leader will work alongside Mrs Evers to develop well-being within our school. The Learning leader will be involved in the development of our Curriculum, they will feedback pupils' views about the new curriculum to the class teachers and inform future planning. The Eco Leader will work to encourage the school to be more Eco friendly. The Charity Leader will choose the charities which we will be supporting over the academic year.



Meet our new School Council leaders for 2019-2020


School Leader: Harriett Key-Smith (Y6)


Play Time and Health Leader: Matilda Smith (Y3) and Alpyn Hazle (Y2)


Restorative Leader: Lilly-May Shilton-Jones (Y5)


Learning Leader- Imogen Roberts (Y6)


Eco Leader- Evlynn Richards (Y4)


Charity Leader - Lucy Harper (Y3)


Oaks Leader (EYFS/Y1)- Isabella Key-Smith (Y1)

Our School Council 2019-2020

The School Council have been working hard on a number of projects, with the new Buddy Bench area, The Food Bank collection, The Compost and paper bins. We are excited about our new projects that include Litter picking around Tansley and promoting Healthy Eating in school. 

Our Projects 2019-2020

Powerpoint created by School Council

Meet our School Cabinet for 2018-2019:


(New council members were elected, September 2018)


Prime Minister -  Tommy Smith (Y6)


Deputy Prime Minister - Sophie (Y6)


Behaviour Ministers -  Darcy Wilding (Y4)


Healthy and Safety Ministers -  Matthew (Y3) and Kiiyla Wilmot (Y3)


Sports Ministers -  Douglas Hallett (Y1)


Education Ministers - Sam Hudson (Y4) and Libby Brown (Y5) 

School House Teams

We have decided as a School Council to have House teams. The School Council has voted for four House Teams. These are: Hardwick (Green), Bolsover (Yellow), Blue John (Blue) and Riber (Red). The shields have been designed by pupils in the school, as part of a competition. These are the winning shields for each house team.

Over the Summer Term our focus is on how we can make our school more Eco friendly. We have started by creating an ECO Code.

Check out our School Council display. It now has a suggestion box plus a British Values interactive display. Children can write on flags how they show a British Value at our school. Don't forget to look at our work in progress chart to show you our actions and targets for this term.