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Fairtrade Assembly Spring 2018

Fairtrade Football September 2016


Tansley Primary School is working towards becoming a Fairtrade School. The Faitrade committee has put together an action plan and has a range of activities planned. 

The Fairtrade Football Tournament 2016 gave our team the chance to think about where the footballs were made and the children who make them. 


This year Tansley Primary School were Tournament winners. All the teams played in a fair and friendly way which meant that everyone was able to enjoy the event. 

Fairtrade Big Breakfast


Tansley Primary School held their Big Fairtrade Breakfast Event to ‘Sit Down and Stand Up for Farmers’.  Seventy-two  children and adults came and enjoyed a Fairtrade breakfast together and supported Fairtrade and local farmers by enjoying porridge, granola (made by the children), fruit and toast with lots of Fairtrade products for toppings. We had a fantastic breakfast which helped us to reflect on the importance of a good breakfast to start the day and the impact we can have when we choose Fairtrade. 

Fairtrade 2015 Football Team

Fairtrade 2015 Football Team 1
Picture 1 Planning Fairtrade activities
Picture 2 Winning team of the Fairtrade football
Picture 3 Using Fairtrade products to bake a range of cakes
Picture 4 Such well baked goodies
Picture 5 The judges!
Picture 6 Designing Fairtrade Socks
Picture 7 Displaying our work