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The Results!!!

First: Wildlife Wanting Workers

Second: Fair Rulers

Third: Redemption


Well done everybody and thank you for getting involved. You all worked really hard and demonstrated the true values of Tansley Primary School.

Tansley Election Fever!

All over the country people cannot stop discussing the upcoming General Election. But it isn't just adults who are getting involved. Tansley Primary School is having its own General Election on Thursday May 7th - we are all very excited!


Find details of parties, leaders and key information for candidates below. Who will you vote for???

Picture 1
Picture 1

Assembly PowerPoint

Letter to Party Leaders

The Candidates

Picture 1 Candidates-Have you designed an eye-catching logo?

Coming soon.....

Party Leaders will shortly be publishing details of their manifestos.

Keep your eyes peeled around school for posters, leaflets and other promotional materials.


Mrs Baker will upload photographs of the party leaders and their logos so that you can see who you are voting for.


There will also be guidance notes on how to vote for you first time voters! smiley

Campaign Posters

Campaign Posters 1
Campaign Posters 2
Campaign Posters 3
Campaign Posters 4
Campaign Posters 5
Campaign Posters 6
Campaign Posters 7
Campaign Posters 8
Picture 1 Who will you vote for?