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Our Spring first half term topic is all about Dinosaurs. We have so many exciting things planned and the children have already enjoyed exploring some swampy tuff spots and some dinosaur eggs they found in our playground!


Picture 1 We found a dinosaur footprint in our room!
Picture 2 We estimated how many shoes would fit inside it
Picture 3 21 children's shoes fitted inside the footprint
Picture 4 We drew what we thought a dinosaur egg looked like
Picture 5 We sewed some coloured wool around the egg
Picture 6 It took a lot of concentration
Picture 7
Picture 8 Adding scales & spikes on dinosaur playdough mats
Picture 9 A cornflour swamp of glitter, rocks, dinos & eggs
Picture 10 What does it feel like?
Picture 11
Picture 12 Our sound swamp, do you dare to pull out a sound?
Picture 13 The children can make real and nonsense words
Picture 14 Dinosaur adding
Picture 15 We found some dinosaur eggs in our playground
Picture 16 The children designed a box to keep them safe
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20 Finding dinosaur eggs using tweezers
Picture 21 Printing some dinosaur patterns
Picture 22 We made some swamp water & dino eggs...
Picture 23 Using jelly and chocolate eggs!!!
Picture 24
Picture 25 Building a dinosaur home
Picture 26 Our own Tansley palaeontologist!
Picture 27 We used plaster to make some dinosaur teeth!
Picture 28 The children became Palaeontologists for the day
Picture 29 The used tools and brushes to find the teeth
Picture 30 It took time and patience to brush away the sand
Picture 31 We discovered some great big, sharp, teeth!
Picture 32
Picture 33
Picture 34
Picture 35 We dipped balloons in plaster of paris
Picture 36 We hung the balloons up to dry
Picture 37 Look at our incredible dinosaur eggs
Picture 38 Deciding which dinosaur laid the eggs...
Picture 39 We made some edible dinosaur eggs
Picture 40 We mixed the ingredients together
Picture 41 YUMMY T-REX EGGS!
Picture 42 The children wrote some instructions
Picture 43 They described their eggs