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Tansley Primary School Council 

The aim of our school council is to promote citizenship and to give the children a voice within our school.


Our School Council meets once a week.  Children from Y1 upwards represent their own class on the School Council. The children are elected to the School Council by their peers. They take whole school issues and ideas from their own class councils and feed them into the School Council. They also share ideas and decisions from School Council with their class. Decisions made within School Council can, and do, have a real impact on the rest of the school. Mrs Evers supports the children to run the school council meetings.


Our School Council  has a 'School Cabinet' with a Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Ministers for different departments.  The Health and Safety ministers will take part in health and safety walks around the school. The Sports ministers will work alongside Mrs Evers to develop sports within our school. The Education ministers will be involved in the development of our Curriculum, they will feedback pupils' views about the new curriculum to the class teachers and inform future planning.    


Meet our School Cabinet for 2018-2019:


(New council members were elected, September 2018)


Prime Minister -  Tommy Smith (Y6)


Deputy Prime Minister - Sophie (Y6)


Behaviour Ministers -  Lindon Maycock (Y5) and Darcy Wilding (Y4)


Healthy and Safety Ministers -  Matthew (Y3) and Kiiyla Wilmot (Y3)


Sports Ministers -  Douglas Hallett (Y1)


Education Ministers - Sam Hudson (Y4) and Libby Brown (Y5) 

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School House Teams

We have decided as a School Council to have House teams. The School Council has voted for four House Teams. These are: Hardwick (Green), Bolsover (Yellow), Blue John (Blue) and Riber (Red). The shields have been designed by pupils in the school, as part of a competition. These are the winning shields for each house team.

Over the Summer Term our focus is on how we can make our school more Eco friendly. We have started by creating an ECO Code.


Picture 1 Our School Council Members

Meet our School Cabinet:


(New council members were elected, September 2016)


Prime Minister -  Harley King (Y6)


Deputy Prime Minister - Lydia Lewin (Y6)


Behaviour Ministers -  Polly Maycock (Y1) Max Neville  (Y5)


Healthy and Safety Ministers -  Katie Bennett (Y4)  Ben Coxon (Y1)


Sports Ministers -  Charlotte Hill (Y2) and  Henry Wood (Y4)


Education Ministers - Sophie Hudson (Y5), Cody Gratton-Brough (Y2) 

Picture 1 Prime Minister
Picture 2 Deputy Prime Minister
Picture 3 Education Minister
Picture 4 Education Minister
Picture 5 Behaviour Minister
Picture 6 Behaviour Minister
Picture 7 Sports Minister
Picture 8 Sports Minister
Picture 9 Health and Safety Minister
Picture 10 Health and Safety Minister

We are looking to create a new school motto which promotes our school and what we value. The best school mottos are short, snappy and memorable. We hope that over the Christmas holidays you might put your heads together and create a winning motto for our school. 


The School Council and School Governors will choose the ideas that they like best and use one or some ideas from several to make our new motto. 


Get your ideas into the School Council by Friday 6th January 2017. Good Luck! 

School Motto Competition Autumn 2016

Thank you to our 2015/16 School Council for all their work during the year. They have successfully set up a Healthy Eating tuck shop that will continue to run throughout 2016/17. They raised a wonderful £472.09. All the children voted in school for what they would like to spend the money on and, from the choices the School Council put forward, the school have voted to have a whole school trip this year. 


The new School Council will continue to raise money through the tuck shop and will start planning the trip!

Our 2015/16 School Council

Our 2015/16 School Council 1




Year 6 members

Year 6 members  1 Finley
Year 6 members  2 Peter

Year 5 members

Year 5 members 1 Lauren
Year 5 members 2 Ted

Year 4 members

Year 4 members 1 Isla
Year 4 members 2 Max

Year 3 members

Year 3 members 1 Katie
Year 3 members 2 Jorge

Year 2 members

Year 2 members 1 Harriett
Year 2 members 2 Harley

On-going Projects


School Council Ideas Box - the School Council have an 'ideas box'. It is available for anyone to pop their ideas on a note and put it in the box. At every School Council meeting the box is emptied, the notes are read out and the members discuss the ideas to see if there is anything they can do to bring them to life.


Staying Healthy - our School Council plays a very active role in encouraging children in school to lead a healthy lifestyle. We also promote the idea of healthy snacks in school and encourage our classmates to bring fruit or vegetables in to school for a break time snack. The School Council are currently looking into the issue of healthy lunchboxes and coming up with ideas that can be given to parents.


The children spent a lot of time researching whether it was possible to run a 'healthy snack bar' at breaktimes.  The children spent some time in the Spring term 1 finding out from the other children in the school what types of food they would like to eat, costing out if it was possible to do and presented a proposal to Miss Holmes. She agreed we could trial a healthy tuck shop and School Council children led it every Friday break time during the Spring term 2. During the trial school council raised £100 after paying back the £30 loan for set up costs.  The children will decide what this money will be spent on.


I am pleased to say the children are going to continue to run our healthy tuck shop every Friday morning break time this term.




Green Team - All of the members of the School Council will take a turn at being on the 'Green Team'. This involves them checking classrooms at break time and lunchtime to ensure that lights and monitors have been turned off. The School Council would like to raise money to purchase paper recycling bins for every classroom. We are going to decide who will have the responsibility of emptying these bins in the recycling bags based in the staff room. We would also like to get a compost bin set up in the playground for any fruit and vegetable waste that children produce at playtimes.

Some of the ‘green’ ideas children in our school council are going to spend time discussing this term are:

  • Paper recycling bins in classrooms
  • Scoot to School weeks
  • compost bins
  • Litter Nipper Pickers
  • School Gardens

We continue to think about how we can improve the green credentials of our school and this is always an open item on our agendas.


Litter Nipper Pickers - Council members are going to take it in turn to patrol the playground collecting and removing litter using litter pickers. During a recent minibeast hunt, the children in Oaks have identified the problem of litter as something they wished to tackle.


Cloakroom Challenge - each week Mrs Smith inspected every cloakroom for tidiness. Each cloakroom was given a score and the tidiest cloakroom won this cup for their class responsible for it. The children in School Council have had several debates over whether this provides motivation to children to keep their space tidy or whether there are other ways in which we can support the children to keep their personal spaces tidy. This is something we continue to discuss at length as Oaks class seemed to win almost every week.




Lost Property - members of the School Council will be busy sorting through all of the lost property in school. Property that is named can be easily returned to the owner. Unfortunately, lots of property is not named. The School Council members would like to urge parents to make sure that all items of uniform and other personal property is named.


Special Days – Watch this space!


Safety In School - One of the things that the School Council are particularly keen to promote is safety in school. We held a successful assembly to the rest of the school in July 2015. See photos below! We are going to discuss how we can continue to spread the message of staying safe in school next term. Don't forget to check out our 'staying safe' section on our school website to find out more!


Tansley Tuck Shop in Action!

Tansley Tuck Shop in Action!  1 School Council take responsibility for running it
Tansley Tuck Shop in Action!  2 Breadsticks and rice cakes were a popular choice
Tansley Tuck Shop in Action!  3 Crackers and cheese sold out in week 1!
Tansley Tuck Shop in Action!  4 Delicious raisins and fruit are on sale
Tansley Tuck Shop in Action!  5 Mrs Pearson has kindly offered to help
Tansley Tuck Shop in Action!  6
Well done to all members of the school council. They planned, prepared resources and carried out an assembly about Staying Safe at Tansley Primary School. I am particularly proud of them as they carried out the assembly without my support as I had to attend a teacher training course on the day of the assembly. Miss Holmes was very impressed with how sensibly they led the assembly to the whole school. WELL DONE!!!
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School Council Interactive Display

School Council Interactive Display 1
School Council Interactive Display 2
School Council Interactive Display 3
School Council Interactive Display 4
School Council Interactive Display 5 Our new school council display November 2015

Check out our School Council display. It now has a suggestion box plus a British Values interactive display. Children can write on flags how they show a British Value at our school. Don't forget to look at our work in progress chart to show you our actions and targets for this term.