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School Council School Trip

School Council Whole School Trip


Our 2015 -2016 School Council started a very successful 'Healthy Tuck Shop' and had an idea to do something 'big' with the profits. All the children voted and it was decided that we would keep raising money until the School Council could take the whole school on a trip. A huge challenge! 


Our 2016 -2017 School Council have taken up the challenge and have continued to collect the funds needed to plan a visit. Every week they continue to run the Healthy Tuck Shop, count the takings and bank it for the future. At the School Council meeting in January 2017 it was decided that by the summer term we may have enough money to make the dream come true. But where would we go? 


The School Council surveyed the children in school and three ideas were decided upon. The trips were costed and the three places shared with everyone. We had a week to think about it and then on Friday 27th January the votes were cast. 


We are going to the seaside! smiley


The School Council still have a lot of work to do. They have to plan the day and make sure everything is booked, ask teachers to go with them, write letters to parents and run a fund raising event to make sure we can afford to go. How exciting!